Chinese open-world action game Project: The Perceiver announced for multiple platforms including PS5, PS4

Chinese developer Papergames and internal studio 17ZHE Studio have announced Project: The Perceiveran open-world action game for multiple platforms including PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. A release date was not announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via its official website:


In a quagmire of endless war, conviction is your only way out. Observe every facet of the world, and witness a kaleidoscope of ideals.

Project: The Perceiver is a multiplatform Chinese open-world action game developed by Papergames’ 17ZHE Studio.

The game explores clashing beliefs in a fantasy world. Experience a chaos-ridden world and meet a variety of characters as the Master of Varietas. Consolidate their distinctive ideals into masks, and engage in the fiercest battles.


  • Turmoil
    • In the annals of history, an era of chaos is merely a few words, yet ordinary people can suffer for generations to come.
    • During the Tianhu period of the Xuantang dynasty, a bizarre entity was discovered in the countryside. Its color was foul, and its shape was impossible to describe. The people were frightened. Despite attempts to divine this Omen, no conclusion could be reached.
      • —Miscellaneous Records of Xuantang: The Book of Omens
  • Explore – Numerous secrets lie hidden in places you have yet to explore.
  • Domains – The world you perceive is the world that exists.


  • Dueling – Sometimes it takes a clash of arms to see a person for who they are.


  • Mask of Devotion – My play does not require an audience when everyone under heaven is involved.
  • Mask of Umbra – Where there is shadow, there shall be light—and the shadow is thus validated.
  • TBA

Watch the announcement trailer below.

Announce Trailer

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