Pokemon Fans Obsessed With Quaxly’s Yassified Final Evolution

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's water starter, Quaxly, flips its coiffured blue hair while taking a bath.

You can’t tell Quaxly nothing.
screenshot: Game Freak

pokemon scarlet and Purple, Game Freak’s new monster collecting and battling RPG launching on November 18 for Nintendo Switch, has already started leaking online. I mean, someone has been streaming the entire game, so be careful of spoilers if you care about that sort of thing. But one aspect of these games folks are now enamored with—nah, truly thirsty for—is the third evolution of the water starter Quaxly, which is a bipedal bird so yassified the internet just can’t get enough of it.

Part of the ninth generation of creaturesQuaxly is one of the three starter Pokémon you can choose at the beginning of your adventure in Scarlett and Purple. The white duckling already captured the internet’s hearts when it was revealed on February 27, with its coiffured blue hair and captivating blue eyes making folks blush. But now that the game has leaked, people are getting a glimpse of Quaxly’s evolutions as well. And while the duck’s second form, Quaxwell, is equally cute, it’s the final form, Quaquaval, that everyone is fiending for. No seriously, the internet really wants to give it to Quaquaval.

“[Quaquaval’s] no Twerkey, but I wouldn’t kick him outta bed for pecking seed,” comment SeymourDemonica said in a popular post on the PokeLeaks subreddit.

“Bruh why is it double checked up on a Thursday,” another Redditor said in the same post, later adding an edit to clarify that Quaquaval still has “a great design, though.”

“I’m literally lesbian and somehow I’m not as gay as that duck,” someone else saidwith another replying that “the entire LGBTQA+ community isn’t as gay as that duck.”

These sentiments are shared across the internet, with folks in utter disbelief at the amount of flour in Quaquaval’s cake. Terrible joke, but you get it! From its sassy prance rooftops cunty battle stancethis peacock of a bird is flamboyant as fuck, and Pokemon fans hella love it. So much so that there’s already fan art and memes of it.

For all the heart-eyes everyone has for Quaquaval, my fave comments come from that popular PokeLeaks post. Some have asked why it’s “got all that ass” while others are shot by how much the bird is serving and slaying. But the best one, hands down, is a RuPaul’s Drag Race parody, swapping out Trinity Taylor’s lyrics in the season nine remix track “Category Is…” with references to Pokemon and Quaquaval. It’s amazing:

“My name is Quaquaval and can’t you see? I got a lot of feathered parts up in me. Heels, and beaks, and little claws, too. Other mon’s be hating but they ain’t me boo! That ability I got? They just can’t replace! Even with ability patches in my face. It’s time to gain 100k EXP, you think you gunna beat me? GIRL PLEASE!”

ace Redditor Clasitav said in that PokeLeaks post, the RuPaul’s Drag Race/Pokemon fan overlap is “strong and powerful.” As a big fan of the reality competition series, I’m expecting to see one of the queens cosplay as a Pokémon at some point here. Oh wait, it already happened. Tight.


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