Elon Musk apologizes for Twitter. Why of the Lord

Elon Musk said Twitter Blue would likely be back by the “end of next week”. (Case)

New Twitter boss Elon Musk apologized on Sunday for the site’s “super slow” microblogging in several countries. His apology came minutes after he said, “Twitter feels more and more alive.”

“Btw, I would like to apologize for how slow Twitter is in many countries. The app does over 1000 poorly grouped RPCs just to render a home timeline,” Musk said in a tweet.

It also announced an upcoming feature as the proliferation of fake accounts with the blue tick verified forced the company to suspend its $8 Twitter Blue program.

“Soon to be rolled out, Twitter will allow organizations to identify other Twitter accounts that are actually associated with them,” he said in another tweet.

The blue tick was previously reserved only for verified accounts of famous personalities, politicians, journalists and public figures. But Twitter opened a subscription program last week that allowed anyone to get it for $8 a month.

This led to a major hurdle for the company with several users posing as big brands on the site. The program was stalled last Friday, but Musk said it will likely be back by the “end of next week.”

Twitter also introduced an “Official” label for selected accounts, but it abruptly disappeared a few hours later.

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