This Is Why So Many People Hate The Google Pixel

While Google Pixel phones have always been known for their excellent software experience — good software optimization, low bloatware, and timely software updates — things haven’t always been as rosy in the stability department. Google Pixel phones have always had somewhat of a reputation for bugs, and things got really dire when the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro came along.

At launch, there were a few bugs present in the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, mostly stemming from UI glitches, a slow and unreliable fingerprint scanner, and screen brightness and refresh rate issues. While software generally gets better as bugs are reported and updates are issued, things didn’t seem to be getting better for the Pixel 6, with MKBHD reporting that despite genuinely enjoying the phone, he found the Pixel 6 Pro unusable for day-to- day use.

The Android 13 update to the Pixel 6 series didn’t seem to help much, with users on Reddit expressing immense frustration at software glitches; relating to everything from the keyboard not appearing when it’s meant to, the fingerprint scanner simply not working, and the user-interface simply not responding to inputs.

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