Bob Iger: Disney Will Cut Costs On Movies And TV Shows To Focus On Quality, Not Volume – Hollywood Reporter

  1. Bob Iger: Disney will cut costs for movies and TV shows to focus on quality, not volumeHollywood journalist
  2. Bob Iger questions Marvel sequels and needs to bring characters back: ‘You’re going to see a lot of new stuff’Yahoo Entertainment
  3. Bob Iger says Disney theme park prices were too high in ‘Zeal To Grow Profit’ – it’s ‘a brand that needs to be accessible’Deadline
  4. CEO Bob Iger talks about guest experience at Disney Parks, revamping pricing strategies and opportunities to add more attractionsWDW News Today
  5. Disney CEO Bob Iger says Solo’s ‘disappointing’ box office ‘gave us pause’ on Star Wars: ‘We’re very careful about it’IGN
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